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Dr. Ehab Samir, General Manager of MDC Group, is one of the finest examples medical entrepreneurs. A leading Egyptian cardiologist based in Muscat, he has to his credit several successful startups. If you’ve been zapped by a laser to remove unwanted hair or tried MDC procedures to combat cellulite bulges, undergone a treatment for reducing wrinkles around your eyes, you’ve been touched by services and technology that are available at MDC under the leadership of Dr. Ehab. He is known for medical startups and dynamic leadership. As the GM of MDC Group, he is the mastermind behind the development of laser and dermatology sector by introducing to Oman market new technologies and equipment to keep up with the latest tremendous progress that dermatologists are witnessing in this field. Dr. Ehab Samir has been highly successful in establishing several branches of MDC across Oman in short period of time. A well know figure in Omans medical fraternity, Dr. Ehab was born in March 1972 in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Originally, his ancestors descend from Zagazig city. The credit for Dr. Samirs passionate and charismatic personality goes to his father who played a major role in developing his personality by teaching him how to be firm and determined in pursuing life’s important goals. Thanks to his strong personality upright performance, sharp Intelligence and his high intellect in the business field Dr. Ehab Samir is today one of most prominent Egyptian businessmen in Sultanate of Oman. He has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur, healthcare professional and cardiologist because he loves solving problems, adding values and he is a deeply disciplined person. He has extensive experience founding and leading medical technology focused companiesOur Mission.

Dr. Amal Al Hinai


Dr. Amal Al Hinai, A leading Omani dermatologist, she has to her credit several successful startups. She is the founder and Chairman of Board of Director of MDC group. She is the mastermind behind the development of laser and dermatology sector by introducing to Omani market new technologies and equipments to keep up with the latest tremendous progress that dermatologists are witnessing in this field, she is also a Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Al-Nahdha Hospital. Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the growth of a country economy says Dr. Amal. The road to success in entrepreneurship is undoubtedly more often than not paved with hardships and challenges. We cite here the example of Dr. Amal Al Hinai, who founded MDC Group in 2010. Today, Muscat Dermatology Center boasts three branches, located in Muscat, Barka and Salalah, in addition to one very specialized and one of a kind medical store for dermatology and cosmetics products. She graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of “Basic Health Sciences” and a “Medical Degree from Sultan Qaboos University College of Medicine. Dr. Amal worked at Al-Nahdha hospital (August 1999 to August 2001), as a Resident in dermatology (January 2001 to Sept 2005), and Residency program held by the Arab Board for specialization in Dermatology. She was Junior Specialist in dermatology at AI-Nahda Hospital (May 2004 to jan2007) And senior specialist in dermatology at AI-Nahda hospital Jan 2007 to Dec 2011 From Dec 2011 to May 2012 was at Singapores National Skin Centre as an “Advance Dermatology Fellowship, she has attended a “Clinical observation in Dermatology specific sessions in Genetics and Pediatric Dermatology a John’s Institute of Dermatology, London, UK. Since January 2012 till today she has been serving as a Senior Consultant in Dermatology Department.

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